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Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, healing energy channel, spiritual counselor, teacher and author. She has given thousands of readings and sessions to countless clients in 
the U.S. and around the world, been a featured guest on several radio shows, authored numerous spiritual and metaphysical articles and teaches workshops on psychic development and healing energy. She is also currently working with others individually to heighten their abilities through study of the spiritual consciousness, vibrational energy channeling, ascension awareness and meditation. Receiving information on Life themes, colors, future options, health, names, conversations and channeled messages from loved ones, she communicates directly with Spirit Guides to assist others in their personal connections for optimum healing. She also facilitates in-person and distant Healing Light Energy meditation sessions to heal physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.  During a Healing Session you will receive light energy through your healing and spiritual guides to assist in raising your spiritual vibration and opening all the chakras in your body.  Healing Light Energy is Universal with the power to heal mind, body and soul
To Schedule a Session or inquire about special rates for follow up readings/group sessions, 
workshops and appointment times, Phone and Email sessions are paid in advance of the
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Currently offering in-person sessions, one hour phone sessions and detailed email consultations
In- Person Private Reading/Healing Energy Meditation Sessions $100.00 per 90 minute session
One Hour Phone Session by appointment $75 per session

Detailed Email Consultation $50 per consultation

Judi Lynch

Testimonies, Writings and Reviews
Healing Light Energy Sessions and Spirit Guide Readings
There is no other way to describe the joy in connecting with spirit, than to share our experiences. These notes are from the people who have touched my life in so many ways and inspired me to keep realizing my own dreams.  Every person and every experience is unique and amazing to me every time it happens. I believe in Miracles.
Endless Light Blessings, Judi

Thank You! You hit everything right on! And now that I think back, how could you ever have known my mothers name and my Grandmothers name?
Sending Hugs,

Dear Judi,
I just wanted you to know how grateful I was yesterday to meet you and receive such a compassionate and profound reading from you! you are a truly remarkable person!! Blessings to you!!!

So the day before yesterday my sister told me that she wanted to move to Arizona and that her boyfriend loves sailing and wants to buy a sailboat one day. I can't believe you were able to pick up on that!  I really appreciate how open and comfortable you made the experience for me and will be referring plenty of people to you in the future! I've been meditating and trying to communicate with my spirit guides, so if you have any advice for me, I'd love to hear it. Thank you so much again! You set my heart at ease.

Judi, I just want to say thank you again for the healing that you put in my heart. I feel stronger now and know that it will continue to grow... believe me you will be hearing from me again...

I came to see Judi one day and realized fast she is like no other psychic I have ever seen before. I still have the piece of paper she wrote notes on. She hit it head on and was absolutely right! She opened my eyes in many ways and still does. I am very happy to have met her! And everything has played out just as she said it would! I am very excited about what the future holds and anyone interested in readings should see her. She is the real deal.
Ginger McBride

Oh have been on my mind so much since the other night. Everything that came through to me - the validations, the words and wisdom from the angels and our guides. I have felt Edward with me endlessly since that evening.... the healing energy that was being created WOW. Edward was there and held my hand the whole least I believe the whole time as there were moments I was clearly not on the table. I have been told by Kerri, my friend, that at one point my legs were levitated off the table. What an incredible experience. Thank you to you for being an AMAZING part of this journey...being put into contact with Edward has been overwhelming to me.
I thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart...
Many blessings to you Love and Light xo

I have had the pleasure of utilizing Judi's services on several occasions both as a medium and as a healer. Every time I have used Judi I have found her to be personable and a lady of high integrity. She takes the time to understand what you need and helps accordingly. I never felt rushed and I received excellent results. Judi has a passion for what she does and by talking with her it becomes very evident. Her services represent great value and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. I certainly will be calling her again.

“Judi is extremely gifted, she is also one of the most spiritual and compassionate people I have met. She is thorough, knowledgeable, great sense of humor and very honorable. I highly recommend her to any one seeking advice or healing.”

OMG Judi, your the best, I’m going to find a way to spread the news about you, actually I have a site myself, Can I add you on my site as like a recommended link, etc? You didn’t know x&%$about me and you and your guides nailed it. Love ya!!
Lori Z.

Dear Judi,
I wanted to thank you for sharing your gift with me! I had an inspiring afternoon with you and believe my life will be forever changed as a result! You provided me with the best Christmas present ever!
I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!
Thank you & bless you,

"I have worked with Judi Lynch regarding psychically guided support on numerous occasions in the past 2 years and have found her guidance to be excellent.

She combines the critical messages received from my spiritual guides on my situation at hand along with compassion and a higher spiritual awareness. This unique combination allows her to deliver messages in the most helpful way possible.

I absolutely recommend Judi to anyone who is seeking spiritual growth or help with a critical issue facing them. Sometimes one helping hand can bring us the hope to start looking positively again at our possibilities".

Judi -
They were right!
My Spirit Guides said that I would find an job doing something I had not done before, but using skills I already had.  I start Monday where I worked three years ago. I will have full medical benefits!  Salary instead of commission!
Thanks for all your support and encouragement.

Hi Judi!
I just want to say thank you for the reading and the great conversation this afternoon! It was quite an amazing experience! After the healing session, I felt an intense sense of lightness of being. After a few hours, I'm still feeling that somewhat euphoric sensation. You are truly amazing in your abilities, and I appreciate all the information you gave me. Everything we talked about and everything you wrote down for me was so informative and quite accurate. I really enjoyed laughing so much with you. You made me feel quite comfortable. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone interested in a reading, and I hope to see you again in the future for perhaps another healing session (if this one ever wears off) or to get an update from my guides on the many perplexities that I may face in life.
Thanks so much!

This Healing Light Energy is very powerful.  Not only was my thigh healed but most of the inflammation problems in both hips has been removed.  Hopefully the healing energy will spread as many are in need now. I am amazed at the good work you do- far beyond what most churches do. The entire community should be grateful."

My neck is totally well! Feels the best it has felt in weeks.  I feel like a new person.  Thank You!!!  Thank you and all our blessed guides!!!!!
WOW...that was some session. You sure have tuned in to your guides to be able to communicate like you do.  I was encouraged to get back to the White Light.
Thanks again,

I got out in the yard and worked this afternoon.  I could not have done this before the healing that took place last Sunday March 1, 2009.  The healing happened.  I feel so very blessed!  Thank you for your role in my healing.  Most Sincerely,
I'm sending up thanks to the universe in general but I did want to thank you for your part and to please don't stop what you're doing because we're feeling the love from here in Huntsville all the way to Vandy! Blessings to you!  

I am immensely grateful for all that you have shared with us, and for the spiritual connections that you have helped establish.  I found your meditations to be extremely powerful.  You have opened so many doors, introduced so many new ideas and have actualized the experience well beyond words in a book. I think of your classes as a miraculous time.  And I suspect it's true for all of us.  Just want you to know that.

I am so grateful to God, my healers, and you, Judi for the healing that has taken place! The healing (session) felt like tissue was being forced through a narrow place back to where it belonged.  Like pulling a loose balloon through the entrance of the neck of a bottle.  Amazing! Yes, a miracle :)!!!
Much Love and Gratitude

I met you on Saturday, I came to your church...You told me my Spirit Guide's name and told me to ask to feel the energy.  The most beautiful thing happened last night.  I sat quietly to do my meditation.  I spoke aloud and asked to let me feel this energy.  My whole body instantly felt electrostaticly charged.  It was like a pulsating wave, the feeling was so intense and lasted about a minute or two.  I could hardly sleep last night and awoke refreshed with new eyes to the world this morning. I wouldn't have known how to do that this early in my spiritual journey without help.  God bless you for what you do for others,

I really feel as if I were in a "dream state" all the way home.  Thank you for opening up my channels.  Love and Light,

I felt the love of the Holy Spirit engulfing me with peace and wholeness.  I feel that my burden has been lifted.  Now the anxiety and depression is gone.  May the blessings of the Holy Spirit come to you,

I was looking for clarification and boy was it clear!"  I am still knocked over by the show of energy...thanks for understanding, verifying and just being you.  Blessings!

I know that my guides did lead me to you, Judi. without your guidance, I did not know how to build the energy and so on. Right before I came this site...I did not know what to do with this...tingling and feeling vibration on my palms so...I was kind of giving up trying and since I met you and started learning this...tingling and vibration got stronger rapidly. I will not ignore this anymore I will build it stronger and take the purpose of this. After all this is what I have been wanting to do!
Again...judi.....YOU ROCK!!!
Much Love and Respect,

"Thank you! I am feeling much better after our session this week.  It really helped me to get through.  I shared your messages with my brother-in-law and he was amazed.  I will keep my sunglasses at hand”.
Thanks again,
Ron D.

The best thing that has happened to me in yearssssssssss is you channeling the energy to open my crown chakra! It has made all the difference in the world. My mind is clearer and thoughts don’t get stuck in a loop like they used to. My sinuses still hurt off and on but I always think of how my crown chakra is open now and I bring a huge tube of Light in and I start buzzing and relax instantly. Thanks again so very much! Looking forward to seeing you again soon here in Madison.